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Service Dogs

Service Dogs,
Yes, we do train service animals. Jason is a Certified Instructor with an International organization. This certification qualifies him to train and certify service animals that are within the guidelines of the ADA, American Disabilities Act.
American Society of Canine Trainers, ASCT, Master Instructor certification

A. Develop and train any breed of canine for any area of specialization, without limits; including (but not limited to) narcotics, explosives, accelerants, tracking, SAR, HRD, Therapy support, PTSD support, Services for hearing and blind impaired, Services for diabetics and seizure specialties, patrol, SWAT, active battlefield engagement.
B. Teach and educate handers/owners/operators of canines in any of the trained areas.
C. Evaluate, advise and facilitate all fields of canine support services.
D. Support all canine services through expert court litigation services.

As a Disabled Veteran, Jason understands the benefit Service Dogs provide for Military Veterans. As an experienced and educated trainer, Jason comprehends the underlying process of working with service animals and bringing out the best qualities for those in need of Service Dogs, especially with Military Veterans.
As a military veteran seeking a Service Dog, you can be assured that as a Disabled Veteran, who owns and trains Service Dogs, Jason has the ability to provide you with what you need for the basic essentials in day to day life.
Why choose Jason over other organizations? He has a Master’s in Canine Behavior, he has over 30 years’ experience in training Working Dogs and he is a Military Veteran who understands why a Service Dog is essential and how to provide you with a good animal.
Recently I have had dealings with a PTSD service dog group. Money, like I said Money was their goal.

Most cases in our program is sweat as payment, we don't get fancy Grants, and rely on the money that is doled out at their discression of the giver, we involve the perspective clients of our dogs to be a participate in the training and service of the dog. If the disabled Veteran has no input or involvement in the process, how can we as providers guarantee that the veteran will value their own accomplishments in the dog and the bond that they will have. It is a practice learned by the Habitat for Humanity concept. Their program says the equity in the house that they sweat on to provide a down payment is the goal, and then the family would appreciate the gratefulness of the program. We believe that the same concept is great as we provide the dog and handler a more perfect bond in a trusting relationship, as both have worked for the final product. Forget about money, which does help to pay the bills, but the real reason this disabled Veteran does this program, is to give back to his fellow brothers and sisters.

Other service animal organizations are not educated in what a Military Veteran needs from their Service Dog. There are some service animal organizations that mean well, yet are not fully qualified to provide the best for the veteran. There are trainers who know a little bit about training dogs and mistakenly think they are more knowledgeable than they are. There are organizations how seek to profit from Military Veterans as well. So their real life belief is: that if the money is there, we can provide a dog to you. Jason and his wife try hard to provide the veteran even if the money is not available.

Many service animal organizations are not as knowledgeable about the law as they mistakenly think they are who wind up giving unsound advice, which can lead to disruption in the training and the relationship of the service animal and team.
We have studied, taught others on the real laws and rules that have been put in place to protect the service animal and handler.
Our question for you is: Why not go with the team you can learn from? A Trainer/Instructor that has certification for the job and a Master’s Degree in Canine Developmental Science?
The choice is simple, go with a qualified instructor and well trained service dog or go with someone that is using you for grant money or who might have good intentions, yet are highly unqualified and who can damage the dog, the Veteran and the dog/Veteran team.

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