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ASCT Master Instructor Jason Coutts, BSCJ, CANNI
Jason has in the past several years continued his education in Canines. Most trainers take the easy road, but Jason has continued to learn. Right now, he has finished his Master's in Canine Developmental Science.  He will achieve more than the normal dog trainer.
Being a dog trainer is critical to him, as a child finding comfort with the family dog, Jason has decided early in continuing in the field. His personal road started when he attended Tarheel Canine in North Carolina. Spent three months there learning from Jerry Bradshaw the art of training in obedience, Behavior Modification, Police K9, Narcotics, and Apprehension.
He was accepted into DrugBeat in 2000 and was evenly placed on the Certification Board when Jim Hornbeck was still the President. He also let me view his training videos and asked for my opinion at the time. He was a great person.
Then after he left DrugBeat, he was accepted into American Society of Trainers, (ASCT) and was quickly learning and moving after the requirements, up the leadership position was met, into his current position of Master Instructor. This has been a satisfying position in an organization that values, quality, not quantity and demands education to its Handlers, trainers and Instructors. He is now a retired member of ASCT.
The drive of knowledge, he has acquired his first degree: Associates Degree: Business Management & Criminal Justice Administration. The next step was to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Special Populations that he also acquired. Plus with any education you must be able to perform practical training, which he has attended several years of advanced schools dealing with Police K9.
Moving forward, he attended more advanced instructions and then applied himself in the accusation of a Bachelors in Canine Developmental Science which he did with the degree, then at the current time finshed his Masters in the same area of expertise. But 30 years has given me the ability to master any dog situation. 

Jason has has strived not to ride on other shirt tails of other trainers. He does not use others' names to receive validation, he uses his own ability and training to succeed. 

CDT Kathy Jacobsen
CDT Kathy Jacobsen has several great abilities in the dog world. She has for several years shown and failed several breeds. Now here breed of choice is the Vizsla. Even thought have proven herself in scent theory in the field of birds and dogs; she has moved that they over to the area of working dogs. She has acquired a level of expertise and respect in Narcotics, apprehension, and tracking. She spent the time and patience of becoming a Civilian/ Departmental Trainer for American Society of Canine Trainers, (ASCT). Her Certification, which was a long process and very intense for her to awarded this level of expertise. Since her husbvand Jason had left ASCT, Kathy has also left the organzation. 

Although she is still showing her dogs in a show ring, she still trains along with her husband, Jason Coutts. The both of them have proven that they are willing to teach the handler very intense educational course dealing with the working dogs. She has also learned respect for the field of other trainers and handlers to help them provide the best tool for police canines knowledge and practical scenarios

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