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Canine School

Canine School.

Oregon Canine Academy is a school for dog a trainer that is designed with the new idea of the real training, involving not just motivational training, but the understanding of the dog and the way it processes information.
most school they have a style of Dog Training is just a Tool box driven work. Utilizing tools that are outdated and thought to be understood in today’s market, like the term “Positive Reinforcement”. In websters Dictionary it states,

: good or useful
: thinking about the good qualities of someone or something
: thinking that a good result will happen
: hopeful or optimistic

: the act of strengthening or encouraging something
: a thing that strengthens or encourages something

So if we put the two together, it means, Good use of force to promote something.
We here do not use Positive Reinforcement, we teach motivational training. Using the motivation of the dog to acquire the behavior we desire.
What is some of the things you will be learning?
• Obedience
• Behavior Modification
• Canine Nero-science, what makes a dog do what it does
• Consistency in training
This is just a taste of the great learning we supply to our students.

• We also teach in separate classes,
• Tracking,
• Narcotics to those who qualify,
• Apprehension and finally
• Therapy work/ 
Service Dogs

So the sky is the limit on the learning capability of our students. We in our own work and learning continue to advance in our expertise.
Call or e-mail for more questions you might have about our school, we will be happy to address your questions.

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